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Point of Sale, Point of Service, Point of Hire, Point of Reception. Complete package for the Retail, Service and Rental industry that may be used as individual systems or fully integrated. All statements, purchase orders, reminders, estimates etc. may be printed or emailed. Printed documents are full customisable and all menus are user-definable independent for each terminal, creating workstations relevant to the assigned tasks. Banking is processed fully automaticaly and deposit listings are available at any time, for each branch and GST (or other taxes) is fully tracked with Business Activity Statements available for any period.

The Main Menu and all other menus are easily customised to suit your individual requirements, and for each local workstation. For instance, the book-in terminal on the front counter might only have the relevant options for booking in new jobs, while the terminal for your administrator would show other related options only. The workshop technician's menu would again be customised for its specific use only.

You can assign functions to each menu button, change it's caption and position on the screen, or hide it altogether. The background image can also be replaced such as an image of your establishment.

Various tax regimes have been provided for, enabling you to customise it for your local tax laws and regulation.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) tracking complies fully with Australian Taxation Office rules, from point of sale or service book-in, up to lodging GST returns and reporting. Tracking is fully automatic and you may assign various GST rates to individual products or services, thus providing for future changes to the GST laws.

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Asset Tracking
All stock categories
Stock categories are user-defined and simply selected from a list when entering new stock. They might be Colour TV, Video recorder, White goods, etc. etc. Each type may be divided such as CTV 34cm, CTV 48cm, etc.

Domestic appliances
Domestic appliances would include all household items.

Commercial equipment
Commercial equipment would include all office furniture, trucks, earth moving and road building equipment, etc.

Serialized stock
Where a serial number is required, no quantity for such stock is applicable.

Multiple quantities
Non-serialized stock may have any quantity assigned, which is adjusted when purchases and sales are made, or when assigned to a rental account.

Depreciation schedules
Print/display depreciation schedules for a stock by group, and stock that is depreciated individually.

Depreciation by asset
Show the depreciation for individual assets, for the current and previous accounting periods.

Depreciation by group
Show the depreciation for stock by group, for the current and previous accounting periods. Stock may be assigned to a particular depreciation category for the purposes of depreciation. Catagories are first created with user-assigned depreciation rate and method.

Operating Cost reporting
Report on the operational cost of stock either by group or individually. Includes maintenance performed and scheduled to be performed, and depreciation.

Idle cost reporting
Report on the real maintenance and depreciation cost of stock of that stock when it is idle.

Stock locations
All stock has a location, including Branch, user-defined three-dimensional location within that branch.

Fleet costing
Report on the real maintenance and depreciation cost of the entire fleet.

Performance comparisons
Compare the operating cost and idle cost between different stock of the same category.

Preventative maintenance
All stock may be assigned specific future dates, or periodical time blocks after which a job will be created to perform specified maintenance.

Memo on stock items
All stock has an unlimited space for assigning a memo. There are two types of memo, one to describe more details about the item (you can even including an image), and general memos. This is useful to describe special notations.

Stock movements tracing
All stock movements are traced and may be displayed in a window under 'details'.

Individual GST setting
When creating or editing stock, you may modify the GST code for that stock. On sales, you can still overwrite the code for that stock item.

Global GST setting
Assign a default GST code for all stock. Codes may be overtyped at time of creating or editing stock. You can assign different percentages to different codes.

Profit/Loss account
A provisional profit & loss account may be generated showing the depreciation of the stock by group, and any stock which is depreciated individually. Shows a comparison for the previous accounting period.

Balance Sheet
A provisional balance sheet may be generated showing the closing values of the stock by group, and any stock which is depreciated individually. Shows a comparison for the previous accounting period.

Asset Ownership Costing
General information
You can record income and expense items against specific asset items. This feature has many applications, such as knowing the cost-effectiveness of individual or grouped fleet vehicles for your service company. A graph will show the revenue received from field calls versus depreciation, maintenance and operational expenses for any individual service van, for any specified period.

Report Ownership Cost
In respect of each asset, shows ownership cost and revenue for This Year, Last Year and Since Acquisition.

You can view all outgoing details in respect of this asset item as well as all revenue details (shows each job etc, and clicking on the job displays the job with all repair details).

OPTIONS: Book rate, Tax rate
SHOW FOR: This item, All items, Selected grouping.

View Depreciation For This Item
Shows cost, depreciation, written down value, profit on sale, assessible profit, capital profit. Depreciation is broken down for each month from date of purchase until current date or date of disposal.

OPTIONS: Book rate, Tax rate
SHOW FOR: This item, All items, Selected grouping.

View Depreciation Schedule
Shows full depreciation schedule for all assets.

OPTIONS: Book rate, Tax rate
SHOW FOR: This item, All items, Selected grouping.

Scheduled Maintenance
You can schedule dates for preventive maintenance on any asset item, at predetermined intervals. The next date due is shown on the display screen. If past due, it is shown in red. Scheduled maintenance falling due comes up in the diary entries for that day.

General Accounting
This software is designed to eliminate the need to duplicate data entries in preparation for reports, balance sheets and profit & loss accounts, used for taxation planning in a small business.

Data is obtained mainly from the General Ledger, generated from day-to-day activities.

As in general accounting packages, you can assign your own expense codes that are relevant to the nature of your business. If you run an accounting package separately, you would use the same expense codes, allowing you to output summaries by expense code and simply copy these summaries into your accounting package.

You can assign depreciation rates and methods to expense codes.

To export data to a general accounting package, simply generate a report by expense code for any date range or accounting period.

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